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Club sailing takes place all year round on Saturday afternoons and in summer on Thursday afternoons & evenings.   A manned safety boat will be on the water.   Members are free to do whatever sailing they wish then.


Occasional skill development coaching sessions are arranged and anyone is welcome to join these.


Races are organised for those who wish to participate.  

In winter, two races on Saturday: in summer, 3 races on Saturday and one  Thursday  evening.

First race on Saturday is at 1pm.  Thursday races start at 6pm.


Members of all abilities are encouraged to take part.  Racing is a great way to improve your sailing skills.  It also ensures you always have some common interest to talk about in the galley.  


If you just want to do your own thing, that's fine, though even if you don't join the race, it may be a good idea to sail the same course, then everyone knows where you're going.  If you'd like to try it, but are not sure how it works, why not try sailing with one of the more experienced members


Our racing mantra is, "We don't take it seriously - it's just a bit (or a lot!) of fun."  Which means we try very hard and use all our skills, but always treat each other with courtesy and consideration, especially towards those at the back of the fleet.


Less experienced sailors have nothing to fear from the "experts".  The only shouts that may be directed at them, will be encouragement and good advice.  


We wholeheartedly support the RYA Racing Charter, which aims to make racing fair and fun for everyone.


Immediately after the race (if the OD can get the computer to work!)  results are calculated based on average lap time and  taking into account the PY number of the boat (speed rating.)  But no one really cares!

Sat 28th Jan 2017 - 7 boats  - W  2 ,  mixed

Race 1

Race 2

Club Sailing, Racing

and Coaching

Simon in a Topaz

Don & Rob in a Bahia,


(and not in the water for once !)

Richard & Gary in a Hartley 15

Racing after the "5 essentials" coaching session.  See how vertical my mast is.


See below about coaching sessions for the coming weeks

Club Coaching


Richard Viggers is again offering to provide coaching sessions to take place on Saturday mornings before normal sailing.

These are not certificated RYA courses and are provided free for club members.  

It would help Richard to plan these sessions if you could let him know what your interests are.  Don't worry about what you think everyone else wants , nor what you think we want to provide - please just tell us what YOU would like or find helpful.   Once Richard has decided what to do, everyone is welcome to take part in any and all sessions.


Suggestions so far include:

 - Laser racing

 -  OOD  & race management

 -  Rules

 -  Racing  - Tactics,  techniques, rules

 -  Trapeze

 -  Spinnaker


If you have any ideas, comments, requests, whatever, please tell Richard or me or Gordon or Sue.


These are very informal sessions, which we hope will be interesting and enjoyable.

RYA Certificate Courses


Richard is also planning the official RYA courses, so would like to know any needs and requests from members for these.


We can offer all dinghy sailing courses,

and  power boat and safety boat for Sandwell sailors only.


Courses are usually 2 days.


Let Richard or Gordon know of your interest.