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Racing Results  2017

The table shows:

 - the helm's name,   boat class and yardstick number.

 - the number of laps completed and the time in minutes.seconds

 - then the corrected time as minutes and decimals of minutes

 - finally the position / points score.


Portsmouth Yardstick handicaps are a way of allowing boats of different design to compete together.  A boat's PY is the time it should take that boat to complete a course that takes the "standard" boat 1000 units of time.  So a slower boat has a higher PY (eg. a Comet is 1200) and a faster boat a lower PY (eg. a Laser is 1091)

So a Laser with an actual race time of 45min would be corrected to 45x1000 / 1091 = 41min 15sec.

A Comet with an actual time on the same race of 46min, would correct to 46x1000 / 1200 = 38m 20sec meaning it beat the Laser


Our procedure for handicap races is: once the allotted time is up, to finish all boats at the end of their current lap, recording their  actual number of laps and  time at the finish mark.  

Now we find their average lap time and calculate their equivalent time for the same number of laps as the leading boat.

These times are now corrected for the boat speed, by dividing by the PY rating (and multiplying by the standard 1000.)  


The results table is still under development.  Please excuse the poor presentation while I am experimenting with different methods.   Any comments or suggestions you may have will be gratefully received.  (Eg. do you prefer borders on the tables?  Would you like results sorted in order of helm's name, of position,of times,  by boat type, or what?