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Looking to get afloat for the first time?


In 2018   21 people came to sail on Swan Pool in Sandwell Valley Country Park.


20 club members were there to help and welcome the visitors, though the weather was a little less welcoming!  But we had plenty of wind, so they enjoyed an exciting sail.


There will be a similar event this year, Saturday 18th May 2019   from 11am to 3pm.   

Members will be on hand to talk to you and show you around, refreshments will be available and you will have the opportunity to go out in a boat.


Anyone may visit us on the day, but you need to book if you want to go for a sail.


If you want to book a place, you can do so through the Training Centre online booking.


For any enquiries about the Sailing Club,   you can also   email the Sailing Club


Every year we organise a public open day for the RYA Push the Boat Out initiative.




Is it what you expected?  "Yes"( 14 ),   "Better"(4),  "More"(1),  "Very much"(1),

                                           "No"(2), "No. Really enjoyable"(1), "No, I didn't expect to be able to do so much"(1),

                                      "Yes, good instructions /straight out on the water"(1),  "Yes, spent a good amount of time on the water"(1),  

    "Yes, even better. Was really impressed that we had such a long time in the boat + that was able to have a go on the tiller"(1),    


Did you enjoy it?  "Yes"( 14 ), "Yes, it was great"(2),  "Loved it" (1),  "Very much"(2), "Marvelous"(1), "Lots"(2), "Lots of fun"(1),

                              "Yes, really enjoyed it, ..."(2),  "Yes, it was fun and I learn't a lot" (1),


How can we improve?  <Better weather>(3),  "Nothing"(2), <Longer time sailing>(5), "More taster days"(2),

                                        "More involvement"(1),  "Advertise more"(1), "Drive the motor boat"(1), <no answer or don't know>(11)


What do you think of:

- Our galley?  "Good:(6), "Ok"(2), "Fine"(2), "Nice"(4), "Clean"(2), "Great"(1), "Lovely"(1), "Serviceable"(1), "Comfortable"(1),

                       "Small"(2), "Really friendly"(1),  <needs hot food>(3), <needs improvement>(2)


- Changing facilities? <not used>(22), "Ok"(2), "Good"(1), "Dry, did the job"(1), "Clean"(1)


- Sailing area? "Good"(4), "Very good"(5), "Great"(4), "Nice"(1), "Brilliant"(1), "Really nice, pretty"(1),"Beautiful"(1), "Love it"(1)


Was the information provided prior to arriving sufficient? "Yes"(17), "Very good"(2), "Did not receive"(3), "Good advice"(1),

                                                                                                     "Would have liked to know time slot when booking"(1)


Was the administration efficient?   "Yes"(20),  "Very good"(1)


Other comments?  "Very good time. Children were encouraged to have a go too! Brill time thanks.", "<instructor> was excellent",

           "Thank you v.much for fantastic experience"(2), "<instructor> was funny!",  "Thank you", "Great experience"(2),

           "Really enjoyed it! ... Came early and could have stayed all day", "Thanks for a great intro to sailing",

           "Can we come again?


Would you like to start sailing?  "Yes"(15),  "Yes, but don't have time/money to do so"(1), "Maybe"(2), <no response>(5),

            "Would consider taking it back up"(1),  "Would like details of specific sessions please"(1),  

            "Can't afford it at the moment, but may consider in future"(1), "Will look at the paperwork / courses"(1),


We are very pleased that everyone seems to have enjoyed their visit and that our giving them a substantial experience on the water is particularly appreciated.  They are very charitable about our limited domestic facilities, but we are pleased they like our lovely pool.  We hope that all those who would like to start sailing, will come and do it here, but we will also be happy to help with information about other  opportunities for sailing.  

If anyone has any further comment they would like to make, please email us.

Feedback from PtBO  May 2017


18th May 2019