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Winter Duty List 2019-20

  Date          OOD           Safety Boat

Rules Evening


I've been unable to fix a Saturday training session, due to Steve usually being occupied as an umpire on Saturdays, or racing himself.  

So I thought I'd start a rules blog on the website, highlighting a topic each week.  Members could also send in questions or comments and opinions.  Anything we can't resolve between us, I'll take to one of the experts at MSC and get them to give us their take on it.

But there are plenty of sites around doing that already.  So I'll just deal with the questions.

Saturday 22nd February


Still v.windy, but maybe dropping into a useable range?  At least it looks warm and dry.  Keep checking Whatsapp to see who's going.

PS. It didn't sink the last of the weed!

WX22Feb20 2019_winterphone