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Club Duties

Saturday 25th Nov

A rather chilly day for Richard's Laser racing session.  After rigging tips and basic start tactics, we went out for some practice starts.  

Racing attracted 8 boats in a blustery wind and we had two close races.

To support the activities of the club all members are asked to help with maintenance sessions and to act as Safety Officer or OOD on race days 3 or 4 times a year.

Saturday 9th December

A cold day, improved by some sunny breaks and a nice steady light F3 W wind.  After clearing snow from the boats and thawing out frozen blocks, 4 Comets went out for two good races.  Ken fought off the competition to get two clear wins.

Saturday 23rd December

A much warmer day with sun and F3 W wind.  Two enjoyable races well managed by Dennis and Simon.

Again some contentious incidents at downwind marks.  So definitely time for Richard to do a session on the rules.  No Ken today and Simon AOD, so Don managed to win both races.

Saturday 30th December

A  warmer day with good F3 SW wind.  A few keen lads were able to escape the festivities for a lively sail.

Saturday 27th January

Wet and windy brought out a good crowd for some lively sailing.

Saturday 3rd February

Cold, drizzly and no wind - so we managed to persuade the addicts to stay inside for once.  A very sociable afternoon.  But I don't think they'll let us off sailing next week whatever the weather.

Saturday 17th February

A warmer day, even sunny at times, with avery pleasant F3 WSW wind.  Close races, but Ken sailed well to win both races.

Don sailed his first day of the year in trademark style.

Saturday 24th February

A great turnout,  9 boats, on a cold, but sunny day.  

E wind not too strong, but gusts & swirls had boats going over like skittles.  Good racing.


Saturday 10th March

Another good turnout on a very pleasant afternoon.  

I can't tell you much about it, as i was at the back most of the time  (the rest of the time I was swimming.)

Saturday 17th March

No ice, some blizzards and strong cold wind persuaded us to stay inside and do jobs.    

Saturday 24th March

A nice warm afternoon with a light but interesting wind gave us two good races.


Ken in his Comet Mino catching a gust as he reaches  SE across the lake

Saturday 1st April

Holidays and poor weather kept many away, so no race today.  

Thanks to the OD & Rescue for turning out anyway.

Saturday 7th April

A warm day, rain stayed away and the wind did everything and nothing in turns.  A good turnout and very close racing gave us an interesting afternoon.

Saturday 14th April

A chaotic start due to cadets first Saturday morning, but followed by some good racing in variable light winds.

I've put a new battery in the clock, so maybe we'll get the starts right next week.

Saturday 5th May

Thin crowd due to holiday.  Wind light and variable on a very sunny day.  

Ken wins all:  Don last in all:  says it all!


Saturday 12th May  PTBO

Very light and variable winds allowed everyone to have a go at helming.  Another great day with lovely guests and very hardworking and enthusiastic members.

Saturday 9th June

Light  wind seems to have put some off sailing today, but turned out very well for those who did.  Three new members and a prospect went out.  Young Noah and  not so young Tom were able to helm in their first races, meaning Dennis swapped his Duo for Ken's supercharged Mino and didn't come last today.

And the icecream van was there for the break - perfick


The rest of you, get here early next week.  It looks like the real winds are coming back..