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Trying to let everyone know what's going on and to have somewhere for your thoughts and ideas about sailing and club activities.


I haven't worked out how to allow you to post on the blog, so just email any contributions and I'll post them.  I think you can add your own comments though.


I think I'm supposed to add pictures sometimes, but I'm too busy sailing to take any!  So if the guys on the bank or in the safety boat could take a few and send them in, I'd be really grateful.

By svsc, Apr 24 2017 01:44PM

I missed the exciting winds last week and several people are now challenging me in the capsize stakes!

This week promised to be very tame, but turned out to be a quite lively , if rather perverse, wind in warm sunshine. So a great afternoon for the 15 boats that sailed and some very interesting races. I even managed to win one, helped by my super-lightweight crew, Jonah.

The big news this week is two more Comets (Duo's). I think we now have 4 Comets, 3 Duos and a Versa, though I expect to be corrected on these details. Getting to be real fleet. I spotted an old notice board someone had made for a Comet Open Meeting at SVSC - maybe it'll come in handy again!

Less than a month now 'til Push The Boat Out. Tell people about it and encourage them to come along and have a go. Mark 20th May in your diaries and BE HERE. If you've not got a specific job, get a boat on the water sailing and/or chat to visitors and make sure they see what a nice friendly bunch we are.

By svsc, Apr 8 2017 08:50PM

Well, I thought we might reach double figures soon and we have now. And four keen sailors absent, so we can hope for even better before the summer's out.

A lovely cloudless day with 10 boats racing in a lively, if challengingly variable, wind gave us some very satisfying races. Thanks to Brendan for very professional OD, also to Rob and Oscar, all working to enable our enjoyment.

A potential new member chose this beautiful day for her first visit. Lets hope it showed her how glorious sailing can be at Sandwell.

By svsc, Apr 1 2017 10:45PM

The forecast light and variable WSW-NNW wind turned out every bit as difficult as expected, but it did reach top force 2 at times and the rain did manage to largely miss us..

The first 3 boats out were Lasers, later joined by a Laser Radial, Comet and Firebird. Jim in his first race for a while was determined to make his mark, quickly getting to the front and staying there the whole race. Adam, who has just joined the racers, worked hard to compete and finished third.

The light winds made us feel that we might not bother with the other races, but we decided to have tea and see how the weather developed. When we came out again, the wind had picked up to quite a lively level and all six decided to race again.

We got off to a good start for the first lap or so, then the wind veered and became very variable again. This time Adam put the pressure on and got to the front, despite having to take a penalty turn, to lead the last two laps. Unfortunately his 45 second lead was not enough to beat the Radial on corrected time, but it was a real achievement to beat Mike and Jim in the Lasers. Great to see a young newcomer doing so well. Lets hope more join him soon.

By svsc, Mar 26 2017 10:59AM

Well perhaps they *were* saving their energies for today. What a great day! Lovely weather, 11 boats out and some exciting racing. And that with two of our regulars away. Can we hope to have double figures racing soon?

The first race was a classic tussle between 4 old regulars in Comets. Neck and neck all the way with three different leaders and the winner, starting 4th, only gaining the lead half way round the last of 5 laps

The second brought even more gusty conditions and sent a couple of us swimming. Richard joining us in his Laser led from the start and finished a lap ahead (a minute and a half on corrected time) with new sailor Dennis coming second in his old Firebird.

Only four of us were still up for the third race. Again a tight chase with Richard eventually managing to finish a minute and a half ahead on the water, but not enogh to beat Don on corrected times.

By svsc, Mar 23 2017 11:16PM

Have we been satiated by a surfeit of good winds?

Or have my capsizes put people off sailing in good winds?

Thursday afternoon, a good NE 3 and even a few patches of sunshine, yet only three of us there and we were doing jobs rather than sailing!

Lets hope it was just saving our energies for the race on Saturday, which looks like being yet another good weather day - solid sun and a steady ENE 3.