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Trying to let everyone know what's going on and to have somewhere for your thoughts and ideas about sailing and club activities.


I haven't worked out how to allow you to post on the blog, so just email any contributions and I'll post them.  I think you can add your own comments though.


I think I'm supposed to add pictures sometimes, but I'm too busy sailing to take any!  So if the guys on the bank or in the safety boat could take a few and send them in, I'd be really grateful.

Boat Out, totally Pushed - me out, totally bushed!

By svsc, May 22 2017 09:02PM

A bit late writing this week, as not much energy left after Saturday (and I guess that applies to some others.) Who'd have thought sitting in a boat for a few hours could be so tiring? Though I guess the painting and cleaning beforehand played some part.

But on the other side of the balance I'm still on a high from the experience - all that effort, enthusiasm and teamwork from so many members trying to make the day a success and all that obvious pleasure and excitement from all the visitors. So I pronounce it a success no matter how many people sign up as a result.

Gordon did give some details at the debrief and i think it sounded good, but I was past being able to take it in. I know one family signed up on the spot and we have enquiries about Start Sailing courses. I'll post more when i get the follow-up info.

Bank holiday weekend next Saturday, so maybe you'll be away. If you come, don't forget your sun-cream, it's supposed to be a scorcher - but with wind!

On a bank holiday? It must be a judgement on you for giving everyone such a fantastic day last Saturday.

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