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Welcome to our sailing blog


Trying to let everyone know what's going on and to have somewhere for your thoughts and ideas about sailing and club activities.


I haven't worked out how to allow you to post on the blog, so just email any contributions and I'll post them.  I think you can add your own comments though.


I think I'm supposed to add pictures sometimes, but I'm too busy sailing to take any!  So if the guys on the bank or in the safety boat could take a few and send them in, I'd be really grateful.

By svsc, Aug 1 2017 09:43PM

Summer is that quiet time, when sailing is very pleasant and relaxing, but hardly exciting. We take the children out and potter around until the icecream van arrives. Well this year the wind seems to have forgotten it's summer. It just keeps blowing - not always straight, of course - but we're not lacking challenge and excitement.

22nd saw 15 boats out and some really close and interesting races. With holidays and other diversions, we may not manage that every week, but it shows what's possible. and how much more fun it gets when more boats are out. The weather seems keen to encourage us, as the long range forecast shows breezy conditions set to continue.

The cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae) is still present, but there have been no reports of problems, even though most of us have continued to sail as usual. The water is currently much less green than it was a few weeks ago, so we hope it is on the wane. With the water fixed, showers are again working and people are advised to use them.

By svsc, May 28 2017 09:04AM

Well, I asked for people to send me photos for the site - expecting pics of boats sailing happily round Swan Pool, merry matelots pulling on sheets and halyards, ODs hoisting flags and hooting hooters, etc. So what do I get? This poor soul off to be first aided. How does this help me portray the fun of sailing at Sandwell? All I can say is, he was having so much fun sailing, that he's still smiling even after being hit on the head with a rudder (don't ask!)

And how does this all come about? We keep on wishing for good winds. Saturday we got them - good, better, even more better and too good for our own good, from the south, the west, south west, west south and directions they haven't even got names for! Not that the wind really matters that much when you spend most of your time swimming. Some of course had more sense than me and pulled their boats off before the second race and Mike cannily forsook his Laser, borrowed the GP and was one of the few to keep their masts out of the water. Well done to them and thanks to Roger, Gill and Sue for their care and assistance to distressed mariners.

Have I learned my lesson? What do you think! See you next week. Lets hope for more good wind, but perhaps not quite so good!

By svsc, May 22 2017 09:02PM

A bit late writing this week, as not much energy left after Saturday (and I guess that applies to some others.) Who'd have thought sitting in a boat for a few hours could be so tiring? Though I guess the painting and cleaning beforehand played some part.

But on the other side of the balance I'm still on a high from the experience - all that effort, enthusiasm and teamwork from so many members trying to make the day a success and all that obvious pleasure and excitement from all the visitors. So I pronounce it a success no matter how many people sign up as a result.

Gordon did give some details at the debrief and i think it sounded good, but I was past being able to take it in. I know one family signed up on the spot and we have enquiries about Start Sailing courses. I'll post more when i get the follow-up info.

Bank holiday weekend next Saturday, so maybe you'll be away. If you come, don't forget your sun-cream, it's supposed to be a scorcher - but with wind!

On a bank holiday? It must be a judgement on you for giving everyone such a fantastic day last Saturday.

By svsc, May 14 2017 09:21AM

After a week away in Genoa, disappointed to have seen so little sailing there, but perhaps not surprising as it is a very rocky coast, I arrived very early at Sandwell anticipating some lively sailing. I got the GP up to the lake, got the OD box out, helped Rob clean off the jetty and got the safety boat ready, then, "Who's sailing the GP today?". Turns out I'm on duty and had forgotten!

Disappointed (there's a lovely bit of wind), but not for long. Hardly got the race started and people were going over like skittles! Thanks all! Safety's much more fun when you get plenty of business!

Sorry if we were a bit slow getting you up, but we are the SAFETY boat and keeping you and your boat safe is top priority. You'll certainly won't win any races if we rush in and chew you up or get your mainsheet wrapped round our prop.

Dennis did a great job on his first go as OD - and thanks to Rob for help there. Two races without a hitch, positions carefully notad after each lap, horns tooting promptly as each boat crossed the finish line and a results sheet we can read (hint, hint to other OD's!) Then we confidently left him to finish the third race on his own . Only slight hitch when Simon came to put it into the computer, no times for the last race. We'd told him the second race (pursuit) only needed positions recording and he'd carried that idea into the third (handicap.)

We're pretty confident Roger won again. He was making that Mirror GO! He lapped the back of the fleet and even the Laserswere struggling to gain on him.

Anyway, we all enjoyed a great afternoon and that's why we're there.

By svsc, Apr 29 2017 08:33PM

Our first Cygnets session today. Welcome to Emma, Lucy, Jonah and Ben.

A lot of basic sorting out to do, but we all got to sail in quite a lively wind. A lot of enthusiasm despite rather cold conditions - it is bank holiday weekend after all! - so I have high hopes that we will have a lot of fun this summer and develop some good sailors along the way.

Thanks to Lucy and Jonah for crewing with me in the afternoon races. A couple of good close contests as is becoming the regular way here.

Also thanks to Adam for taking more videos and uploading to Youtube.

His latest is here: and you can find his others by searching for "Adams Sailing" on YouTube.