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The election of officers was:


Coomodore - Sue Parkes

Vice Commodore - Don Brown

Rear Commodore - Gary Stock

Treasurer - Simon Parkes

Secretary - Gordon Howard

Membership Secretary - Simon Parkes

RTC Principal - Gordon Howard

Welfare Officer -  Gill Dyer

Bosun - Roger Dyer

Assistant Bosun - Dennis Gem

Senior Instructor - Richard Viggers


Sue said that she hoped to stand down next year.

Gordon would like someone to take over as secretary:  if there is a volunteer, they can be co-opted to the post.



The accounts showed a deficit of about 150 pounds of expenditure over income  and we have agreed to increase membership fees from 52 to 57 pounds and for concessionary rate, from 32 to 35 pounds.


Boat park and storage charges are unchanged.


The council has raised the water licence from  60 to 70 pounds, and for concessionary rate from 35 to 40 pounds.

Simon has disputed this as being much greater than usual and than RPI, but it seems unlikely that the rises will not be imposed as stated.



Further information will be posted when the minutes are available.



Results of AGM 2017

Monday 13th March 2017